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Industrial Galvanized Tub Dog Bath with Faucet and Handheld Sprayer

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Product Description

This outdoor farmhouse-style galvanized tub dog bath is extremely durable and made to last! It is perfect for washing your furry friends or any other large items you have! It features a galvanized tub that is ultra durable and treated to prevent rust and measures 21" square and 11" deep. The drain is perfect for catching dog hair and has a large basket and stopper so your drain will never clog! The single temperature faucet is made from galvanized steel and has a stainless steel sprayer attached and measures 23"H x 5"W with a 9" spout. You have your choice of red, blue, black, white, green, chrome, or copper for the faucet handle. Add your color choice in the personalization section. You can upgrade to a sprayer specifically made for washing your pups that dispenses soap automatically and can clean even the thickest hair! An adapter for attaching the sink directly to a water hose is included in your order!

See our drainage kits that let you drain the water from the sink into a bucket, your yard, flower bed or garden! This makes for the easiest set up possible! You can have a dog bath set up in minutes!

Plumbing drain kits and water supply hoses can be added to your order. I recommend adding at least the water supply lines because they fit our faucets perfectly and any new installation will require them and any remodeling is a good time to replace lines that have been worn over time. Our drain kits perfectly fit our sinks and come in either white or chrome and it includes everything you need for a standard sink drain installation. The universal sink drain kits are flexible and perfect for any application and so useful to position toward the back to hide it or increase cabinet space! It includes a standard 1.5" flexible tailpiece, J bend, and outlet piece. Pair the drain kit with water supply hoses for a discount!

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