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Sink Drainage and Discharge Kit

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Product Description

This sink drainage and gray water kit is a complete set-up to drain your sink water into a container for easy disposal or to drain the water into your yard, garden, or flowerbed. The kit includes an adapter to connect your sink to a garden hose for drainage into your yard or a container. If you need a longer drainage line to drain to your yard or flower bed (water those plants, YES!!) you can purchase the drain line that comes with an additional adapter to connect the drain to a custom size hose that you can run to your yard, flowerbed, or garden. With this additional adapter you can leave the drain line intact and easily disconnect to divert water to a container if you don't want the sink contents going to your yard, garden or flowerbed. You get the best of both options! We offer a weather-resistant, long-lasting black drainage hose and a clear, braided vinyl hose that withstands heat to 175F. Both options are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and are completely based on your preference. If you are using the sink drainage for watering your yard, flowerbed, or garden, we can drill drainage holes into the tubing for you! Just add the distance from the drain you want the drainage holes to start in the personalization section!

To only drain to a container and use your own water hose, simply purchase the sink adapter, which connects directly to your water hose.

To purchase both adapters and use your own drainage hose, simply choose 0ft of hose.

To purchase the entire kit, choose the length and type of hose you prefer and whether you want drainage holes in the tubing for watering your yard or flowerbed.

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